Transform video and audio to art.


There are several basic types: linear, radial, arc and chord.


The most dramatic art is generated from videos and audio with large variance in overall video frame average color and audio levels.


Following is the 'linear' type with no use of audio, and varying the top and bottom offset parameters.


The sample movie was generated from a screen recording of a portion of the screen as this large color image was scrolled inside that area.




Movie Image



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Linear. Using the audio to modulate the line lengths.

You can use the video's audio or load your own audio file, as we did in these examples.




Radial. Using the audio to modulate the line lengths, and varying the inner and outer radius parameters




Arc. Using the audio to modulate the arc lengths.




Chord: The trick here is using a non-square dimension for the canvas using the width and height settings, and not using audio.






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