Photo Reflect

Add Reflections to Photos



The free iOS app Photo Reflect is available in the App Store.



System Requirements:

iOS 8 or greater.


Its Mac companion, PhotoReflector, is available here and on the Mac App Store.




Check out the Macintosh version, PhotoReflector, here.

Photo Reflect is a free iOS app that you can use to easily adjoin stunning reflections to your photos, adding depth and dimension to enhance their appearance.



Made with Photo Reflect!

What can Photo Reflect do for me?

Reflect photos to simulate standing them on a mirrored surface in 3D.
Perspectively warp reflected photos to simulate viewing them sideways in 3D.
Export your reflected photos to the pasteboard or camera roll in transparent PNG format.
Email your reflected photos to contacts as transparent PNG image attachments.
Adjust the reflection by varying its height, width, offset, alpha and gradient parameters.
Vary reflection parameters to effectively create transparent copies of a photo using an alpha channel.
Reset all parameters to factory values at any time.
Provide tons of fun!


It's easy to use! Just follow the animated tips at the bottom of the main view.