Create beautiful high-resolution panoramas.

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System Requirements:

macOS 10.14 or above



Panorama is an image stitcher for iOS and Mac using an image matching technique called homography that does not warp horizontal edges in the panorama.


For example, in the following panorama the horizontal edges appear warped.



By contrast the homography method produces this result on the same photos.



Use Panorama when your camera can't fit the whole picture in one shot.



Turn off stitching, moving into "blending" mode, to create photomontages.


These images are blended "bottom to top" to produce this montage. Use Preferences to specify the blend margin width:



• Doubles and triples your camera's field of view.

• AppleScript support for blending and stitching
• Stitches vertically or horizontally.
• Apply subsequent stitching to panoramas to create rectangular mosaics.
• Alternatively blend pictures with stitching turned off to create photomontages.
• Stitching margins are adjustable to match the overlap in your pictures.
• Variable blending gradient.




Try the demo. Fully functional.