Performs file operations from the menu bar.

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System Requirements:

macOS 10.14



MenuMover is a menu bar app (and service) for moving, copying, aliasing and archiving files and folders quickly into common folders without the need to drag and drop them, use aliases, etc.


What can MenuMover do for me?


• Move and copy files quickly.


Move, copy, alias, etc. files to pre-defined destination folders with a simple menu selection, or use the menu to open a window to navigate to the destination of the operation on the fly. This alleviates the task of opening up many folders to get to the destination, or creating dock aliases.


• Associate folders with file types.


Move files to pre-defined destinations based on their file extension, i.e. "put the file in its place." For example, you can associate a folder with all files that have extension "pdf" so that applying "put in its place" to a PDF file will move it to this folder.


• Wrap files and folders.


The "wrapping" feature creates a new folder whose contents is a copy of the current Finder selection. Optionally you can have the selection completely moved into the new folder. This simplfies the task of collecting a group of files into a new folder.


• Services.


Provides services that can be turned on and off in the Service Preferences (accessible from any Services menu in an app's menu). These are as follows:


Move To Documents
Move To Home
Move To Pictures
Move To Movies
Move To Music
Move To Sites
Move To Public
Move To Desktop
Move To Desktop Pictures
Open Move Service Window
Close Move Service Window
Move To Select
Copy To Select
Compress To Select
Alias To Select
Hard Link To Select


Note: The "move service" window, whose title is "MenuMover", automatically appears when the app is initially launched, but feel free to close it. The menu it presents is similar to the menu bar menu.



Try the demo. Fully functional.

Note: This is legacy software and requires macOS 10.14 Mojave, the last macOS that supports 32 bit software.