Deletes file, folders or their contents without moving to and emptying the trash



FileUtility is an application and service for deleting files and folders without using the trash and more.


File utility is for:


• Deleting a file, folder or folder contents (i.e. without moving to the trash.)

• Moving the data fork of a file into the resource fork, then deleting the data fork.
• Listing all resources in a resource fork by ID, type and name.
• Deleting a file's data fork.
• Deleting a file's resource fork.
• Displaying a file's fork sizes.


Choose from the following items in Preferences, or the Services menu:


• Delete File: Delete the file immediately (it is not put in the trash.)


• Delete Container: Delete the container and all its contents immediately (they are not put in the trash.)


• Delete Container Contents: Delete the container's contents (they are not put in the trash.)


• Flip Delete Data Fork: Move the data fork of a file into the resource fork, then delete the data fork. If a resource fork does not exist, one will be created. In either case the data fork data will be appended to the resource fork.


• Delete Data Fork: Delete the files data fork of a file.


• Delete Resource Fork: Delete the files resource fork of a file.


• Show Fork Sizes: Show the files total size, data fork size and resource fork size.


• Dump Resources: Generate a file that lists all resources types and IDs, then display it. (Note that a resource fork can contain data, and not just resources. So, a resource fork may have a non-zero size, yet have no resources listed.)




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