Create Graphical Text Annotations

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Annotatings facilitates the creation graphical text annotations for your photographs, emails, web pages and any other document that accepts images.



Easily attach a small non-editable, non-selectable blurb of stylized, framed text to any of your rich text documents.



Check out the screenshots below for several examples of what is possible.


We use Annotatings for pretty much all of our product screenshots in the Mac App Store and our website - and that's a lot of annotated screenshots. (Except this one because it sort of annotates itself.)


Suggested uses:


Comic blurbs.

Speech bubbles.

Framed words.

Witty tips.

Literary Snippets.

Informational labels.

Highlighted annotations & reminder stickies.

Help tags.

Emphasized caveats.

Special notes.

Impressionable quotes.