Create sounds graphically

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System Requirements:

macOS 13.3 or above



ToneShaper is a macOS and iOS app for creating custom sounds as short as 0.03 and up to 30 seconds by drawing frequency along a timeline. Many samples available as starting point. Export to WAV files.


Frequency plot to generate WAV audio file:



Audio spectrogram for the WAV audio file:



The shape of the audio spectrogram is expected to match the frequency plot used to generate the audio.



Create cycles with tone shapes of smoothly varying frequency by plotting frequency at specific times.


Frequency Plot


Tap the library button to pick from a selection of sample tone shapes to get started.


Library Button


Tap in the plot view to add points with coordinates (time,frequency).


Tap in Plot


Drag to move points, but limited by the neighbor's time.


Drag in Plot


Alternatively, drag in the draw tab to add points, then apply them to set the points in the plot view.


Drag in Draw


Adjust the frequency range slider to limit the bandwidth.


Frequency Slider Image


Adjust the duration slider to specify the cycle period.


Duration Slider Image


Finally, in the export view, you can save the audio to a WAV file with a chosen number of cycles. The duration of the audio is limited by the maximum cycle duration, or period, which therefore also limits the number of cycles in the audio file.


Export View Image